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Aura and Brooklyn Apartments
Aura and Brooklyn Apartments

by Trish Riley - Resort News Editor 12th November, 2018

Aura and Brooklyn Apartments

Kevin and Denise Robertson are no strangers to the management rights industry following great success over many years across a number of buildings. More recently they purchased two newly-developed buildings in Varsity Lakes as a permanent letting business.


Aura and Brooklyn sit within a stones-throw from each other making it a perfect combination to scale and run as a family operation with their son-in-law and daughter, Ben and Bianca Hynes. The combined team led by Ben and Bianca are running at full steam and loving the wonderful location in the modern, Gold Coast hot spot suburb.


"We love the area and being involved with two new exciting buildings and the challenge of getting the operation running smoothly and efficiently," said Kevin. "Charles Nurse is to be commended for the way he persisted throughout the entire process and carefully ensured that both transactions got to the end, he did exceptionally well."


Kevin, Denise, Ben and Bianca would like to personally Charles Nurse and the team at Stratacorp for their tremendous efforts in putting both buildings and opportunity together.