Trinity Beach

Located in Northern Queensland, Trinity Beach is a popular coastal suburb of Cairns, known for its warm climate, relaxed atmosphere, and stunning natural sites. With several high-profile luxurious resorts and restaurants having been developed over recent years, the area has a reputation for the finer things of life, while remaining less ‘touristy’ than nearby hotspots such as Port Douglas and Palm Cove.


Guests enjoy the range of waterfront restaurants on the esplanade, with cuisines such as Italian, Indian, Thai and Australian seafood available. The esplanade is also a popular walking track for both locals and visitors, providing views of the beach and plenty of places to stop, relax, and take in the breath-taking views.


Alongside tourism, retail is one of Trinity Beach’s largest industries. Guests can find souvenirs, clothing and swimming apparel from boutique shops, or a range of local produce from specialised food stores.


While Trinity Beach has plenty to offer on-land, its water sports and stunning beach views are no doubt what draw thousands to the area each year. Many travel to see the nearby Great Barrier Reef, swim in the protected waters, or snorkel to get a closer look at the abundant sea life. With some areas being patrolled by surf lifesavers, it’s particularly suitable for families.


A range of Great Barrier Reef and Daintree rainforest tours are available in the area, with many providing the option for pick-up from Trinity Beach accommodation providers. With many of the local accommodation options catering for children and families, Trinity Beach is a popular destination during state school holiday weeks, with its peak period falling over the summer holiday break. Being in a subtropical environment, visitors enjoy warm weather throughout the year. The mild to warm winter weather particularly draws guests from cooler states such as Tasmania who are looking to escape the cold for the holiday season.


While Trinity Beach is certainly a luxury destination, it caters to a range of demographics, with a variety of both budget and luxury accommodation options. The area is home to a total of 53 accommodation providers and food services, employing over 10 percent of the 12,800 Trinity Beach residents.

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