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Tenanted motel investments

by Andrew Morgan 03rd July, 2018

The high return and low risk offered by motels as a tenanted investment was pinpointed by many savvy investors over twenty-five years ago.   In its infancy, in the early 1990s, some leases were put in [...]

Why does everything have to be so damn difficult?

by Mike Phipps 24th May, 2018

For those of you who may still think the photo I use in some articles is current, it is not.   The look of shock on some faces when we first meet suggests that it might be time to update said image and [...]

North Queensland’s best kept secret…

by Mandy Clarke 03rd May, 2018

A very enthusiastic Judith Norris, the new resort manager of Argosy on the Beach, informed Resort News: “I found my paradise!”   Less than 12 months ago, she discovered it in the middle of [...]

Beachside bliss!

by Mandy Clarke 03rd May, 2018

Next to a fun-filled stretch of sunny, patrolled beach sits Coolum Baywatch Apartments. Coolum is one of the Sunshine Coast’s most popular family holiday haunts, just a 15-minute drive from the Sunshine [...]

Accom Properties breaks traffic records yet again

by Rosie Clarke 19th March, 2018

February saw a dramatic increase in leads for listing agents on Accom Properties and the average visitor session duration rose to a lengthy 5 minutes and 19 seconds.   With less than 12 months’ [...]

Women in management rights going solo

by Lyn Pearsall MR Sales 07th February, 2018

Resident managers play a vital role in the successful growth of strata title communities, which are so much a part of our landscape and of modern Queensland cities and regions.   It is a 24/7 business and [...]

New Managers Spotlight

by Rosie Clarke 07th February, 2018

Silverpoint, Main Beach   Narelle Filmer, from First National, Think Management Rights, would like to introduce Panayota Thomas as the new manager of Silverpoint in Main Beach.   Panayota has [...]

How to hit the market with a saleable business…

by Lyn Pearsall, MR Sales 11th January, 2018

After attending the recent ARAMA Management Rights Industry Expos and listening to expert panelists on the Gold Coast, Sunshine Coast and in Brisbane, the overwhelming message to managers wishing to sell in [...]

Maximising your sale price

by Paul Gaffney, The MBA Partnership 11th January, 2018

When the time comes to sell your management rights business, there are a number of things you can do to help maximise your sale price and ensure a smooth sales process.   Review your letting authorities [...]

Finding tenants

by Mark Neale, Management Rights Sales 28th November, 2017

As most of you reading this article are well aware it is getting harder to find tenants in Brisbane.   Not only in the CBD though, vacancy rates have been climbing over the last few years in some outer [...]