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Financing management rights: pick your team wisely

by Nick Smith - Red 10 Finance 22nd November, 2018

Borrowing money to purchase a management rights for sale has always been available from the bank’s, however, with the current Royal Commission into Banking and the QCAT ‘Gallery Vie’ decision, it [...]

Property Spotlight - Northern Queensland

by Trish Riley - Resort News Editor 22nd November, 2018

In September 2015 the property spotlight on northern Queensland noted that “the Cairns area is a smouldering hotspot awaiting the catalyst that will fully ignite the area to its full potential.” Three [...]

Aura and Brooklyn Apartments

by Trish Riley - Resort News Editor 12th November, 2018

Kevin and Denise Robertson are no strangers to the management rights industry following great success over many years across a number of buildings. More recently they purchased two newly-developed buildings [...]

Why we will never achieve value certainty

by Peter Spranklin 12th November, 2018

An endless challenge for the legal profession is to deliver ‘certainty’ for a client. As somebody who spent time working in an accountant’s office prior to undertaking a legal career, I have [...]

The Gold Coast property market: a cautious confidence prevails

by Trish Riley - Resort News Editor 17th October, 2018

Depending on who you speak to, the Gold Coast property market may be slowing after the beat up of the Commonwealth Games, declining in line with the rest of the country or stoically holding its own – a trend [...]

Management rights partnerships – why so different?

by Trent Pevy 18th July, 2018

Undoubtedly, one of the biggest changes in the management rights demographic over the past ten years has been the boom in syndicate and consortium purchasers.   Commonly referred to as ‘partner [...]

Tenanted motel investments

by Andrew Morgan 03rd July, 2018

The high return and low risk offered by motels as a tenanted investment was pinpointed by many savvy investors over twenty-five years ago.   In its infancy, in the early 1990s, some leases were put in [...]

Why does everything have to be so damn difficult?

by Mike Phipps 24th May, 2018

For those of you who may still think the photo I use in some articles is current, it is not.   The look of shock on some faces when we first meet suggests that it might be time to update said image and [...]

North Queensland’s best kept secret…

by Mandy Clarke 03rd May, 2018

A very enthusiastic Judith Norris, the new resort manager of Argosy on the Beach, informed Resort News: “I found my paradise!”   Less than 12 months ago, she discovered it in the middle of [...]

Beachside bliss!

by Mandy Clarke 03rd May, 2018

Next to a fun-filled stretch of sunny, patrolled beach sits Coolum Baywatch Apartments. Coolum is one of the Sunshine Coast’s most popular family holiday haunts, just a 15-minute drive from the Sunshine [...]