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Will the banking royal commission fix Australia's broken system?

by Trish Riley - Editor Resort News 20th February, 2019

Despite some alarmist messaging about the royal commission triggering a housing bust, Kenneth Hayne’s final report into the finance sector did not recommend the banks further tighten lending standards, and [...]

Brisbane property: catching the eye of savvy investors

by Trish Riley - Editor Resort News 08th February, 2019

With Australian property markets in flux, it’s hard to find certainty or for that matter industry expert consensus, on whether the market is likely to strengthen or weaken. The overriding opinion on Queen [...]

Loan conditions, reviews and refinancing It doesn’t have to be a nightmare

by Mike Phipps - Mike Phipps Finance 06th February, 2019

In the past I have expressed the view that we are moving into a tighter credit environment in which bank lending guidelines will become stricter. We also talked about challenges existing borrowers are having with [...]

Think about selling when you buy

by Tony Rossiter - Holmans 29th January, 2019

When selling any business, the key outcomes of a successful sale typically include achieving a quick and pain-free sale at the highest possible sale price. Sounds easy in theory, however can be quite challenging [...]

Be prepared well in advance…

by John Mahoney - Mahoneys 29th January, 2019

In previous articles on the sale of management rights businesses I have focussed on the importance of preparing for your sale well in advance.   Not a lot has changed. It is still the case that before [...]


by K Lehmann - @realty 17th January, 2019

Troy and Jenni McNeish have taken over the reins of Sunland Group’s 233-townhouse luxury residential community, The Pavilions at Peregian Springs.   The husband and wife management team recently [...]

David Ruxton: pioneer and provocateur The history of management rights (Part 2)

by Trish Riley - Editor Resort News 15th January, 2019

Accomproperties continues our ‘review’ of David Ruxton’s illustrious career as it paralleled the evolution of the management rights industry from the early 1960s. Valuable insights are provided [...]

Sea Change Beachfront Apartments

by Trish Riley - Editor Resort News 14th January, 2019

Geoff Ellis and MR Sales would like to congratulate Erich and Stephanie Weber and Mark Moss and Yahong Tang on acquiring the management and letting rights to Sea Change Beachfront Apartments at Trinity Beach.&n [...]

Is now the time to sell?

by Warren Oliver - MR Sales 14th January, 2019

All vendors at some time in their career decide to sell their management rights. When is the right time? Are there buyers looking? Are the financiers active? What is the market going to do?   We are asked [...]

David Ruxton: pioneer and provocateur The history of management rights (Part 1)

by Trish Riley Resort News Editor 14th December, 2018

Necessity, they say, is the mother of all invention and it appears that management rights - the revolutionary accommodation concept that started on the Gold Coast more than fifty years ago developed simply to [...]