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Road test your guest’s sleep experience

by Accom Properties 02nd September, 2017

Have you ever taken a nap in one of your guest beds? Have you wrapped yourself in the bedding to get a first-hand sense of your guest’s sleep experience? If your answer is no, then you should make it a [...]

Winter is here, heat up your venue

by Accom Properties 02nd September, 2017

Winter has long arrived. Guests expect cooler evenings but still seek al fresco drinking, dining and socialising as part of their experience. Here are your accom property heating options...    What [...]

Finding Sanctuary Palm Cove

by Accom Properties 28th August, 2017

At the height of the holiday season a year ago, Richard and Karyn Hewitson moved to the unique beachside village of Palm Cove, North Queensland. Excited to have purchased the management rights of their picture- [...]

The ultimate in personal guest hosting

by Accom Properties 27th August, 2017

In the middle of winter, there is definitely something evocative about the charmed surrender of sinking deep into a plush king-size bed between crisp chic Florence Broadhurst sheets under a soft, enveloping [...]

Property management and the USB: “where can we charge our phones?”

by Accom Properties 26th August, 2017

When there’s only so much bandwidth floating around, it’s not easy being a guest. (It must be even worse being a property manager.) Particularly for international guests who are used to super-fast [...]

Preparing accom properties for fire prevention

by Accom Properties 20th August, 2017

Nobody wants their property hitting the headlines because of fire hazards they could've avoided. So, here’s a list of handy tips and information...   We’ve compiled them for you to [...]

What’s the update on the Star Ratings saga?

by JP Robertson 19th August, 2017

Last quarter, one of the oldest and most recognised icons in Australian tourism came back from its death bed. But questions are now being asked about how many people would miss it if it went out of existence for [...]

New Managers for Maison Noosa Resort

by Tim Svenson 17th August, 2017

Congratulations to Duncan and Andre, new resident managers of the upscale Maison Noosa Resort, located in an absolute  beachfront position  in Hasting Street Noosa, one of the premier beachfront locat [...]

Canberra’s Capital Executive sells for first time in 22 years

by Tim Svenson 17th August, 2017

The complex deal involved a large-scale unit buy-out.   The sale to Madison Hotel Group will see the property undergo extensive refurbishment before relaunching under their new brand as Madison Suites [...]

Holiday parks of the future: what true upgrades look like

by Rosie Clarke 11th August, 2017

When you upgrade, you want to see a noticeable difference.   You expect to hear glowing reviews, receive notable thanks and eventually witness a grow-ing profit margin. Otherwise, frankly, what’s [...]