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Preparing accom properties for fire prevention

by Accom Properties 20th August, 2017

Nobody wants their property hitting the headlines because of fire hazards they could've avoided. So, here’s a list of handy tips and information...   We’ve compiled them for you to [...]

What’s the update on the Star Ratings saga?

by JP Robertson 19th August, 2017

Last quarter, one of the oldest and most recognised icons in Australian tourism came back from its death bed. But questions are now being asked about how many people would miss it if it went out of existence for [...]

New Managers for Maison Noosa Resort

by Tim Svenson 17th August, 2017

Congratulations to Duncan and Andre, new resident managers of the upscale Maison Noosa Resort, located in an absolute  beachfront position  in Hasting Street Noosa, one of the premier beachfront locat [...]

Canberra’s Capital Executive sells for first time in 22 years

by Tim Svenson 17th August, 2017

The complex deal involved a large-scale unit buy-out.   The sale to Madison Hotel Group will see the property undergo extensive refurbishment before relaunching under their new brand as Madison Suites [...]

Holiday parks of the future: what true upgrades look like

by Rosie Clarke 11th August, 2017

When you upgrade, you want to see a noticeable difference.   You expect to hear glowing reviews, receive notable thanks and eventually witness a grow-ing profit margin. Otherwise, frankly, what’s [...]

Special Report - Soft brands allow chains to compete with boutique hotels

by Accom Properties 20th July, 2017

The 10 largest hotel chains worldwide (excepting Airbnb) aggregately own or operate 44,200 properties globally, inclusive of 5.41 million hotel rooms. Each operates multiple brands that cover almost every aspect [...]

Full Special Report - Management Rights 101

by Accom Properties 14th July, 2017

Management rights is an integral part of Queensland’s infrastructure, especially within the accommodation sector. It is doubtful that the state’s tourist infrastructure would have grown to the [...]

New owners celebrate important milestone

by Accom Properties 13th July, 2017

July marks the first anniversary of Mark and Kerrie Street becoming the resort managers of Sun Lagoon Resort Noosa, and what a year it has been! Resort News took the opportunity to catch up with them to find out [...]

Special Report - Management Rights 101 - PART 2

by Accom Properties 11th July, 2017

The two main functions of the resident manager are caretaking (which includes managing the physical asset of the owners, security, bookings, guest services, trust fund management and body corporate/unit owner [...]

Tips for selling motels - cover all bases

by Andrew Morgan 05th July, 2017

Putting oneself in the shoes of a buyer considering purchasing a motel is a great place to start when preparing for the sale of a business.  Prior to offering a motel to the market preparing the data and [...]