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RMS deliver direct results
RMS deliver direct results

by Trish Riley 20th March, 2020

RMS deliver direct results

“As a dynamic and diverse group with many years’ experience in the residential property, operation of property management and management rights sectors across Queensland, Direct Hotels & Apartments have a deep understanding of market demand and supply. We research, live, invest and stay in the towns and cities we target so that we know what we miss and what we want from accommodation and an investment. 

“We take the same approach with our service providers.”


Lucas Scammell, general manager of Direct Hotels & Apartments is responding to my questions about the group’s long-term business relationship with RMS Management Software.


Lucas Scammell

General Manager
Direct Hotels & Apartments

“Six years ago we started looking for a company that had systems developed around specialised trust accounting. We did our research and the feedback on RMS was very positive. We’ve introduced the programmes as and when it was appropriate but we’re now using the RMS property management system (PMS), channel manager, the direct booking module and the marketing module.

“With proven experience across 43 countries, the PMS is a leader in hospitality technology solutions,” says Lucas. “The software incorporates the latest advances in technology within a fully integrated cloud-based hotel PMS system that easily handles the complexities of property management. 

“And running seamlessly alongside the PMS is the channel manager, which effectively connects our properties with all the world's major booking channels without the need for a third party. It also allows us to automatically update rates, rules and availability at the click of a mouse. 

“While we don’t use all of the RMS software modules, we have just taken on the ‘Book now’ - website booking engine that equips our properties to accept bookings from any device, in real time, and have started trialling the EDM feature of the marketing module.


“We value the fact that RMS offer a fully integrated system that covers every crucial front- and back-end detail, from bookings to payments and beyond. More importantly however, we respect the fact that they are constantly evolving.

“When we started working with them the system was remote and cumbersome; there’s been a significant and very positive change since they upgraded to a cloud-based system. And to their credit, they listen and try to incorporate any feedback that we offer on the products.”

When asked about training and support, Lucas is matter-of-fact.

“We have a very good relationship with RMS,” he says. “They have got to know our business over the years, and have always been very responsive. As for the training, most of it can be done online now. We are constantly onboarding new staff so the ability for them to learn and use multiple programmes from a single source is cost effective and seamless. 

“Direct Hotels believe in exceptional systems and processes and that comes from partnering with those who develop the best operating systems and processes to ensure that we continue to deliver excellence and efficiency.”