Learn from the experts at Shine Realty’s 2019 onsite manager workshop

by Celine Tseng 05th August, 2019

Learn from the experts at Shine Realty’s 2019 onsite manager workshop

All onsite managers - Shine Realty wants your business to be a success!


Do you want to maximise your business return but could do with a push in the right direction? Then make sure that you sign up for the 2019 Shine Realty Management Rights Seminar where you will learn from some of the best and most successful management rights industry experts.


Do not miss out on this great opportunity. The 2019 seminar will include three experienced management rights industry experts, invited to talk about everything management rights: auditing, value adding, record keeping, sales and much more.


The speakers are Alison Sun, Director-Valuer (Accom Valuers) who has been in the MR industry since 2006. At the upcoming seminar Alison  will assist managers to better understand how to truly determine the value of their asset.


Stephanie Yun Managing Director (Strata Mastery) who specialises in management rights and body corporate training. Stephanie will be talking about how best managers can avoid a caretaker performance management audit/review and what actions managers may take if it's in fact too late! 


Celine Tseng (Shine Realty) who has been a pioneer in management rights in the Chinese community since 2009. Celine will speak about what factors and records will ultimately effect your management rights valuation at the sales transaction time.


What Seminar: Tips for Maximize your Management Rights Business Return


When: 10am Tuesday 13 August 2019


Where: Runcorn Tavern Ballroom


Registration: https://forms.gle/gDxM2WQYLXmdNiSz5


Tel: ️07 3161 8979


Email: admin@shinerealty.com.au


Text:  0423 566 566



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