10th April, 2017



Question: I am looking to sell my commercial property - how do I get my listing on the website?

Answer: Contact Accom Properties via email at mail@accomproperties.com.au


Question: My listing has incorrect information on the website - how can I get it amended?

Answer: Contact your agent or email us at mail@accomproperties.com.au


Question: I'm interested in advertising my business on the website via banner ads - how do I do that?

Answer: Contact Accom Properties at mail@accomproperties.com.au


Question: I'm an agent - how do I get my listings on Accom Properties?

Answer: Contact Accom Properties via email at mail@accomproperties.com.au


Question: How do I sign up for the weekly newsletter?

Answer: Scroll to the bottom of the website and enter your email address in the "Sign up to newsletter" box or contact Accom Properties at mail@accomproperties.com.au




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