ACCOMPROPERTIES launches investment property sales and rental agency

by Trish Riley - Editor Resort News 01st October, 2019

ACCOMPROPERTIES launches investment property sales and rental agency

Leading digital management rights property portal AccomProperties has launched a new investment property sales and rental agency for resident managers.

The AccomProperties Sales & Rentals platform effectively provides direct access to the largest real estate websites in Australia including and Domain, as well as industry leading tools and resources to ensure smooth transactions.

“By partnering with AccomProperties and joining this growing portal, licenced resident managers will effectively be given the tools to protect their letting pool as well as the opportunity to earn extra income by selling units within their own building. In doing so, resident managers will have more control of their business,” said Mike O’Farrell, chairman of MLR Services.

“The timing of this initiative is fortuitive with managers being under increased pressure to demonstrate additional value to lot owners, and the more streamlined this process can be, the better.”

Early adopters, Barend and Lizelle Buitendach of Emerald Springs are thrilled with the platforms ease of use, and access to other facilities including Realworks, TICA, Price finder and 1 Form.

“The AccomProperties Sales and Rentals service provides managers with extra benefits when managing rentals. To be able to conduct searches and compete on a level playing field is invaluable when trying to build up your own letting pool. It also provides an opportunity for managers to open dialogue with new owners and potentially get them on board as they don’t have to bear any of the cost.

“Obviously the early registration and membership discounts are a great advantage at the moment,” said Lizelle, “but we’ve seen the benefit already having received rental applications straight away.”

Speaking of the initiative, Eric van Meurs, president of peak industry body ARAMA said: “All resident managers, and in particular ARAMA members, should be excited about this initiative. The ‘easy-to-navigate’ system allows managers to be more efficient in what we do - generating more revenue for owners and ourselves.

“From a value perspective, these are real costs that we would normally have to pay. I would encourage all managers to take up the opportunity to get their rental properties listed, and if fully licensed then those that come up for sale as well. The platform could be a revenue generator and means of managing the rental pool.

AccomProperties is a well-respected platform that has extensive industry knowledge and experience and we are very happy to be able to partner with them in taking it to market.”

CEO of ARAMA, Trevor Rawnsley added: "AccomProperties has shown tremendous backing for the management and letting rights Industry by enabling ARAMA members to connect to, Domain and other portals at a reduced rate.

"Protecting your letting pool has never been more affordable or easier than with the new platform and we are grateful to AccomProperties for offering these exclusive deals to ARAMA members.”

AccomProperties principal, Patrick Clarke said: “We have been working hard towards the launch of this extraordinary new marketing resource to ensure resident managers have every opportunity to experience a smooth and successful sales and rental process and are thrilled to already have 35 resident managers signed up.

“It is envisaged that the sales and rental marketing portal will grow and develop as we extend the membership and we are happy to announce that we are actively recruiting right now - so register online today…”

AccomProperties is part of the Multimedia Group; proud publishers of industry leading publications Resort News and AccomNews, as well as industry sponsors. A family owned business that employs a dedicated group of professionals with an extensive industry history, network and contacts as well as a genuine commitment to the industry.

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