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McWhirters Apartments: Times they are a’changin..

by Trish Riley - Editor Resort News 02nd September, 2019

“New ideas must use old buildings” – Jane Jacobs   Not dissimilar to the colourful and imposing history of the McWhirters family and their legacy of the magnificent building on the Valley [...]

Tips for Selling Motels

by Andrew Morgan - QTHB 06th June, 2019

It all comes down to presentation. Presentation of the physical asset, presentation of the financial data, and presentation of how the motel business is offered to the market.   In 24 years of selling [...]

Danny Little: A systems man

by Trish Riley - Editor Resort News 06th June, 2019

With an inimitable and lengthy list of accolades achieved during his 23 years in the retail sector, and more specifically Target Australia Pty Ltd, the management rights industry is fortunate that when the time [...]

Buying off the plan - The 10 best tips to consider

by John Mahoney - Mahoneys 15th April, 2019

There are a number of reasons why people want to buy management rights off-the-plan.   It is often perceived as an opportunity as there is an expectation that: the multiplier will be lower when [...]

Motel Market - The search has evolved

by Andrew Morgan - QTHB 15th April, 2019

Whether you’re looking to buy a small leasehold motel or a large freehold hotel, the search must start somewhere. So where does it start? How does one find what they are looking for?   Way, way [...]

Thinking of buying a management and letting rights business?

by Jonathan Hanaghan - JonathanGrant Business Accountants 15th April, 2019

So, you’re a first-time buyer and looking to get into the industry…   Well, while by no means exhaustive, what follows is a basic staged plan that may assist with the process. It should be [...]

Bedding has a limit

by Andrew Morgan 15th March, 2019

Everyone you speak to has a horror story at some time in their life about a motel bed they slept on that was the worst bed they ever had to endure. They had no sleep that night and will never forget it… [...]

Will the banking royal commission fix Australia's broken system?

by Trish Riley - Editor Resort News 20th February, 2019

Despite some alarmist messaging about the royal commission triggering a housing bust, Kenneth Hayne’s final report into the finance sector did not recommend the banks further tighten lending standards, and [...]

Brisbane property: catching the eye of savvy investors

by Trish Riley - Editor Resort News 08th February, 2019

With Australian property markets in flux, it’s hard to find certainty or for that matter industry expert consensus, on whether the market is likely to strengthen or weaken. The overriding opinion on Queen [...]

Loan conditions, reviews and refinancing It doesn’t have to be a nightmare

by Mike Phipps - Mike Phipps Finance 06th February, 2019

In the past I have expressed the view that we are moving into a tighter credit environment in which bank lending guidelines will become stricter. We also talked about challenges existing borrowers are having with [...]