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During times of uncertainty…

by Andrew Morgan - QTHB 29th September, 2020

We all look for security.  Whether we are wondering where to park money, what to invest in, or where to live, we want to be secure in our personal wellbeing and finances.   Business acquisition is part [...]

Caravan Parks For Sale Across Australia

09th September, 2020

Caravan Parks For Sale Across Australia   Are you interested in buying a caravan park?   Caravan Parks for sale are usually offered in one of three ways. These include:     [...]

Part 2: No better time than now

by Andrew Morgan - QTHB 26th August, 2020

Last issue, we considered how day-to-day operations engulf every business owner’s time.   When things are good, operating costs are not an issue. However, when activity decreases, the opportunity to [...]

COVID-19 has decimated my business income, why bother?

by Lel Parnis, Partner, Holmans Accounting 28th May, 2020

The initial government COVID-19 stimulus package included the Employer PAYGW Stimulus Boost payments to businesses reporting wages on lodgement of their March and June BAS’.  The boost income is non- [...]

A couple of observations and concerns

by John Punch, Short Punch & Greatorix 28th May, 2020

For those who know me, Management Rights is virtually part of my DNA!  I have certainly maintained a very strong interest in the legalities and in the running of Management Rights, particularly in Queens [...]

Tips for selling motels: “Take the time now”

by Andrew Morgan 28th May, 2020

Going into anything unprepared is generally a mistake.   Not having everything in order, whether it be from a paperwork point of view or a physical asset, being prepared is going to end up resulting in an [...]

Still life with Trevor

by Mandy Clarke 19th May, 2020

Friendly, trusted and steadfast are three words I would use to describe Trevor Rawnsley, the CEO of Australian Resident Accommodation Managers Association (ARAMA), but when I ask Trevor to give me three words to [...]

Motel car parks available

by Andrew Morgan 04th May, 2020

This topic was originally looked at in back in 2013 when comparing it against 1995, and twenty-five years on from then the fundamentals remain relevant.   All the way back to 1995 I was told about the [...]

Is COVID-19 a WHS/OHS hazard?

by Lynda Kypriadakis 01st May, 2020

If you are a worker or in control of a workplace, you have duties under the WHS/OHS legislation in Australia to manage the risk of any adverse effect to the health and safety of yourself, as well as those you have [...]

Op-ed: What the accom industry need to know about PM’s Mandatory Code and Commercial Leases

by David Adolphe, Special Counsel with Hillhouse Legal Partners 22nd April, 2020

Given rent is one of the biggest expenses for an accommodation business, it is important to look at how Australian landlords and tenants can negotiate their commercial lease arrangements during COVID-19.   [...]